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The proof of the pudding

The proof of the pudding

Ana Carrión

Ana Carrión

For the past three years, and with greater frequency during the last year, America International has successfully organized university visits to Ivy League schools and to other academically-respected institutions.  Ramon Romero, president of the company, accompanies and advises the students during the tour.  The personal contact with the coaches, which offers the coaching staff an opportunity to see students display their athletic ability in person, considerably increases the students´ chances of admission.  Also, the motivation of having experienced the university´s atmosphere firsthand catapults students to achieving their academic and athletic goals, goals necessary for making their dream of attending an outstanding university a reality.

Ana Carrión and her family just returned from America International´s most recent tour.  During a week-long trip, they visited Harvard University, Boston College, Brown University, Brown_carrion-227x300Princeton University, and Yale University.  As a result of the excellent first impression made by Ana during her visit, three coaches are very interested in having Ana study and play tennis at their respective universities.  Needless to say, Ana is more focused than ever on completing the necessary requirements, and she can count on the complete and unconditional support from her family, who also enjoyed this unforgettable experience.  The objective of the America International´s team is to offer families the best possible options for their children´s education.  The complete satisfaction of Ana´s family propels us to continue working with them, but we will only be satisfied once she is admitted to one of the top universities.

For those students desiring to access Ivy League universities and other top-level schools, America International offers an exclusive online preparation for the SAT exam with teachers who are graduates of Harvard University.  The scores required for admission to the most academically-selective universities are practically impossible to achieve without a high-quality preparation such as the one we offer.

Our company includes two graduates of Harvard University, Allison Feaster and our president, Ramon Romero.


“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

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