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From Madrid to the best USA universities

From Madrid to the best USA universities

Since 1992, America International (AI) has worked with students and athletes from around the world.  Throughout the years, we have accumulated valuable experience which has served the thousands of clients who have entrusted us to help them make one of the most important decisions of their lives: to study in the United States and to receive the best education possible which will allow them develop to their full intellectual and athletic potential.  In order to stand out in an ever-globalizing and competitive world, this personal development, which allows our clients to reach vital objectives and stand out socially, is essential and can only be achieved through the best and most exclusive academic training.

Since its founding, America International, with notable success, has managed the admissions of more than 4,300 aspiring students, from distinct parts of the world, to the most exclusive universities in the United States

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech

such as Princeton, Stanford, Cornell, Berkeley, Georgetown, Duke, Babson, and Georgia Tech, among many others.

It is important to highlight the prominent number of students and athletes coming from the Community of Madrid who, thanks to our comprehensive advice, have achieved access to the most exclusive group of North-American universities, many of which can be found amongst the world’s 200 best academic institutions.  In fact, at the present time, there is no academic institution in Spain that can claim this distinction.

A few of the tennis players from Madrid that have relied on America International´s advice are:


Juan Ortiz Couder

Juan Ortiz Couder

Juan Ortiz Couder will join Rollins College (Winter Park, Florida) in January of 2015, where he will receive an athletic scholarship covering 80% of the $58,000 annual cost of his stay at this exclusive private institution.  According to the annually-published rankings of U.S. colleges and universities by U.S. News & World Report, Rollins College is currently listed as one of the top universities in the southern region of the United States.








Paula Ortiz Couder

Paula Ortiz Couder, Juan Ortiz Couder’s sister, is enrolled at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach, Florida).  This university is recognized as the world´s best in aeronautical engineering, and Paula has just completed her freshman year in this major.





Juan Madrid

Juan Madrid

Juan Madrid is enrolled at Elon University (Elon, North Carolina), an institution that is actually co-leader with Rollins in the rankings of the South’s best universities.  This prestigious university is renowned for offering one of the best Liberal Arts programs in North America.  Juan Madrid, in addition to studying, has also become one of the key components of Elon University’s men’s tennis team.

Eduardo Segura Mandarino is concluding his studies at the world’s best university in the field of industrial engineering and technological research, the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia.

Roberto Pérez is one of two students that America International currently has enrolled at Babson College (Babson Park, Massachussetts), which is designated as the best university in the world in entrepreneurship.

Alejandro Augusto is a student at Clemson University (Clemson, South Carolina), one of the best public universities in the United States.  Clemson stands out for its mechanical engineering program and is currently ranked as #21 on U.S. News & World Report’s list of the best public universities.  After having spent his freshman and sophomore year at Tennessee Tech University, Alejandro just finished his third academic year at Clemson with notable success.  Alejandro is also shining on the university´s men´s tennis team.

Guillermo Domínguez already has his suitcases packed and is ready to join the Kalamazoo College freshman class in August.  Guillermo regards himself as the happiest man in the world when he thinks of the opportunity ahead of him.  This private university, with an approximate annual cost of $55,000, is one of the leading liberal arts institutions in the United States.

Álvaro de la Osa, also a student from Madrid, is scheduled to join Queens University (Charlotte, North Carolina) in August where the tennis coach is waiting for him with open arms.  Queens has an excellent reputation and offers unmatched internships and employment opportunities in the banking sector.  It is not in vane that Charlotte is the second most important financial center in the United States behind Wall Street in New York City.

In addition to the students mentioned above, there are several other candidates belonging to the Madrid Tennis Federation that have entrusted America International with initiating the college admissions process to the Ivy League, the small group of the most selective academic centers on the planet.  In the near future, America International hopes to receive the good news regarding the results of those applications for admission.

Career Path

America International and the Madrid Tennis Federation (FTM) understand that designing a career path, a well-planned projection with the necessary flexibility to cover the needs and aptitudes of each particular student and athlete, is crucial so that the student may complete their university career at the best academic institution possible.

Babson College

Babson College

A customized career plan can be projected with a duration of a minimum of five years to a maximum of ten, depending on the age of the student or athlete.  The earlier the career plan is outlined, more time and options are available in order to obtain the optimal and desired result.

AI and the FTM recognize from years of experience that orienting students and athletes during a specific period of time, a period of time in which we identify potential universities and manage the college-admissions process, greatly increases the possibilities of achieving access to the best academic training possible, hence increasing the options to achieve a successful professional career.  From the moment in which we begin our working relationship, the commitment to our students and athletes is comprehensive: we accompany them from the beginning until the completion of their studies in the United States.

Harvard-trained teachers in order to obtain the best results

America International prepares students for the college admissions exams with the help and integral advisement of teachers that are graduates of Harvard University.  With the introduction of an exclusive and unique system, all candidates are able to obtain the maximum performance on the North-American college admissions exams.

Rollins College

Rollins College

It is extremely difficult to find this type of academic English instruction at conventional language academies in Spain as well as in other places.  America International prides itself in having the best contacts and links to Harvard University.  These strong relationships have afforded AI the honor of having Harvard graduates take part in this project that is contributing in a major way to the many students that have relied on our services for entering the best universities in the world.

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